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We believe in the importance of young children growing up in a healthy home, with strong moral values. Alongside a basic English Language curriculum, The Olive Tree strives to teach children the importance of good moral values while providing parents with a simple parenting workshop that will strengthen the family unit. 

The 8-week program would cover the following topics:

3 - 6 Years 

1. Love 愛

2. Respect 尊敬

3. Gratitude 感謝

4. Generosity & Sharing 寛大さ

5. Responsibility 責任

6. Obedience 従順

7. Honesty 正直

8. Self control 自制心

7 - 10 Years 

1.     Love 

2.     Respect and honour 尊敬と名誉

3.     Generosity & Sharing 寛大さ

4.     Obedience & Responsibility 従順と責任

5.     Humility & Honesty 謙虚さと誠実さ

6.     Honesty 正直

7.     Self control 自制心

8.     Forgiveness and gratitude 許しと感謝